Join Small Businesses Worldwide, a portal to help your customers and clients find you easily according to where you're based, without having to click endlessly through search engines looking for your details.

Gwyneth Letherbarrow


Business competition is hotting up, and customers are becoming more conscious about buying local – to cut down on CO2 emissions (products being imported), to cut down on cost (postage, packing, currency exchanges), and to help small business owners like you contribute to the community.


What do we do?

We provide a marketing platform sorted by country/county/town that allows you to promote your current offer.   In this start-up stage, the language of the website will be English although your submission can of course be in your own language.

The site is not meant to be yet another static directory of small businesses, rather we want your customers and clients to see the human being behind your offer so that you can build stronger relationships.  We’ll give you a calendar of update dates to keep you on track, as well as ideas about what you can post (especially useful if you don’t have your own website)

We’ll maintain the site and make sure that your information/offer is always updated within 24 hours of you giving it to us (whatever you submit remains your intellectual property/you keep copyright and you are responsible for your content).


We’ll promote the site on Facebook and on LinkedIn through paid ads – the more the site is shared, the more people click on the link, the higher the SEO ranking will be on Google!

Each week we’ll interview a business online/zoom video/YouTube livestream and post it on your respective Continent page on the site to give you extra exposure (first registered first served) and we’re working on you being able to do this in your own language.

We provide a closed forum on the site for all contributing members so that you can network, get to know other small businesses, exchange ideas and work together on strengthening your business community locally.



What do you have to do?


Provide us with your full business contact details – we’ll need to verify your details before your registration/ subscription is confirmed

You'll be asked for your: 

  • Name

  • Business name

  • Email address

  • Telephone number and/or Skype ID

  • Business address

  • Website URL

  • Company registration number

  • VAT number (if applicable)

After your details have been verified we'll ask you to provide us with your logo, photograph and/or short introductory video (maximum 1.5 minutes) and other details.

Please take a look at the blank template HERE and other pages on the site to be inspired for what you could be offering.

Your offer or product should be updated every couple of months (and at least once every three months) to keep the site fresh and interesting. 

Share the link with your mailing list, friends, on your Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn ec., (we’ll give you some text to play with so that you don’t have to break your brain)

Your investment

We thought carefully about this and have decided to go with a subscription business model. The advantage of this is that we all have a clear overview of our business numbers.  Taking a percentage of your sales could end up being too expensive for you, and too time-consuming for us.


For the first 55 businesses to register and have their details verified:

€ 7 per month (minimum three-month subscription - non-refundable)

€ 35 for six months if paid in full in advance

€ 65 for 12 months if paid in full in advance



MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (for number 56 and upwards)

€ 10 per month (minimum three-month subscription – non-refundable)

€ 50 for six months if paid in full in advance

€ 95 for 12 months if paid in full in advance


If you have paid for six or 12 months in advance and decide to cancel before that time is up you’ll be charged the full monthly amount and refunded the rest.  For example – you’ve paid € 85 for six months and cancel your subscription after four.

Example :  4 x €10 = 40 – refund €10

If you’re on a monthly subscription, please give us 30 days’ notice if you intend to leave the platform.  Your payment will be converted automatically into your local currency according to the exchange rate on that day.

And if you have any other questions please send an email to gwyneth@feelgoodcoachingandconsulting.com


+43 650 4111 744

Skype: GwynethL

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